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Husband and wife relationship

4 Ways to Test if Your Husband Still Loves You Without Him Noticing

Marriage is a sacred union of two people who love each other. After long years of marriage, couples get used to each other and so many changes occur in the marriage.

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It's fascinating how couples who have stayed long years of marriage, get bored with each other and live as friends in the same house. Is it even possible? Well, to avoid all that you can opt to test if your husband's still loves you without him noticing using these tactics.

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Make frequent calls - call him oftenly to know how he is doing then fail to call him one day to see if he still cares. If he still love you and has no other hidden relationships outside, he will call you because he missed your call.

Hold his hand while walking publicly - try to hold his hand while walking together. If he gets reluctant, then its a complete change for him and it's a sign that he is uncomfortable seen around you.

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Oftenly tell him you love him - remind him that you do love him and see his reactions. If he is into it, then he still loves you.

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Call him sweet words like you used to do while dating - this is a good way to know if your partner still love you. If he replied to your gesture of calling him sweet words with the same name he calls you, just know you are becoming boring to him.

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