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Dating Romantic

'Are you really ready,' the right reasons for dating.

Finding someone you love is sweet. You feel comfortable around them, share your feelings with them, your frustrations and fears, sadness and joy. Loving someone back is even sweeter, as you trust someone with your heart and vulnerability.

But after you've found each other, many couples tend to fall out of love. Gradually feeling distant. Feel you can no longer depend on the person you once loved. Feel they no longer give you joy like they used to. And as some say, they are no longer your peace or sunshine.

There are two reasons why people enter into relationships, to extract and to share.

If you go to extract then you might end up falling out of love. See the way you feel happy when you are in love. The way somehow the sun is brighter, the flowers are more colorful and the wind is just perfect. It is because love has been stimulated within you by somebody else. You are using another person as a key to open an experience within you and that is where many go wrong.

You should be your self start machine. Your own source of joy and happiness. So that the sun Will always be bright even in singleness. Such that in a relationship you are there to share.

When you extract too much you drain from the other person hence falling out of love.

Joy or misery the source is within you so know the joy of loving.

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