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5 Signs That He Really Loves You. True Love Tips

In every relationship, there is always that single time when we wonder, "does he really love me?"

This may be due to our failed expectations. Maybe the guy is taking his sweet time but you are not sure where you stand in his life. Let it be noted that just like ladies, some guys always want to be sure of where they are putting their commitments. But no matter what he says or does, here are some signs that he is into you and he would like to take your relationship to the next level.

1. He enjoys spending time with you.

He treasures every moment that you both have. He will call you every time requesting to spend some time with you. He will tell you either directly or indirectly how much he loves your company.

2. He gives you priority above all things.

You might not always understand the way he communicates verbally, but you can always rely on his actions – especially when it’s about his priorities. Even if he has friends, family, work and leisure, you will always standout because you are important.

3. He gives you a listening ear.

Your advice and guidance is always appreciated. He hangs on to your every word, and respects what you have to say too. He just can’t help but take note of every little thing you say. He also enjoys your jokes whether they are funny or note. He even remembers the tiniest detail in your last conversation.

4. He shares all with you.

One of the greatest failure in relationships is secrecy. Sharing of both material, financial and psychological obligations is what makes a relationship function. A guy who loves you for sure will spend to the last cent with you. He will share the little he has with you until you feel appreciated.

5. He makes his plans with you.

He sees you as part of his life already. He will give you his ideas and request for your input. He will value your advise as well. He’s not afraid or cautious to commit to these plans with you. Instead, he goes that extra mile to make sure you know what he is planning to do.

There are many other signs that proves that he really loves you and he is into you. In case you see any of the above evidences, give it a go.

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