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Husband and wife relationship

Things to consider when choosing the right partner in marriage.

Choose a young lady.

Men marry down and women marry up. when choosing a wife, you should at least choose a wife who is younger than you with almost ten years. Lets say for example you are aged 33 years, you are supposed to choose a woman who is approximately 24 to 26 years old. The reason as to why I recommend this is because, ladies age fast due to child bearing and you would want someone beautiful for company when you grow old.

She should be a virtuous woman.

In most cases we tend to choose party girls which is very wrong when coming to a wife material. Choose a partner who has respect, who has dignity, who is non alcoholic and who does not smoke weed. The lesser sexual partners she has and the sober she is the better.

She must have a family background.

Make sure she has something called a family, so that even when your kids grow up they can have the idea of having a family. having someone who does not value her family is just but a waste of time because on having a family with her she can and will never value it.

Pick a 'cool' woman.

Find a woman who lights up whenever she sees you. find a person even when you are gone for some few months will take care of your property whether there are kids in that house or not. When the world seems to be going against you her smile makes you feel strong again and you keep pushing forward no matter how tough the situation may be .

Before choosing a marriage partner you should be wise enough so that you can not say the most painful word in human life 'I wish I knew'

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