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Men, 4 Reasons Why You Keep Going Back To Your Partner

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The question of why men keep going back to their partners regardless of what grounds the break up or separation took place is a mystery. Even as we think hard to unravel this puzzle, we seem to be having answers to ourselves, only that we cannot really lay our hands on what exactly they are. Here are 5 reasons as to why men keep going back to their lovers.

1. Great Personality

Sometimes they say love ain't enough. Love has never been enough in relationships. Just because you love each other it is not a guarantee that you will stick to one another. However, there's that one character trait that draws you near to someone you love and possibly make you inseparable. It may be a range of different traits that make a great personality that results to great affection and attachment hence finding your way back to her.

2. You feel Incomplete

Relationships are complementary. People who are relationships are expected to compliment each other in some way. It's a give and take affair. You may have broken up with your lover but trust me if you feel she's the one who completes you, definitely you'll be out there looking for her again. Men tend to have a feeling of satisfaction if they feel their needs ate met by their significant other. This simply means you feel complete and it is the most fulfilling thing any one can wish for in this life.

3. Strengths vs Weaknesses

We are humans and we have our weaknesses which define us. In as much as we may possess these weaknesses, they have to be some that your partner can put up with and choose to focus on your strengths. Men ran back to their partners when they realize this. It doesn't mean that one should now take advantage of the situation but we must all appreciate the fact that it is easier dealing with someone who has more strengths than the weaknesses. If the weaknesses outdo the strengths then there are high chances that your relationship may not survive, especially during stormy days.

4. Element of Value

You are probably asking yourself how this works, well here's the answer. Sometimes you may not know the value someone has until they are no more. The time you spent together didn't make you realize the value she possesses, now you're apart, you begin to realize that indeed she has value. So the reason why you're running after her now is because the absence of that value is now more visible.

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