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Nipunguze Volume? Never Mock a Lady Who is Broke. Check 10 Things That Men Should Never Do To a Lady

We are in a generation that men are behaving in some manners that really depreciate the values of men. These are some of the things no man should do and some that they should do especially in a relationship:

1. Ladies with pure intentions are rare to find if you find one keep her and never let her go no matter the circumstances.

2. Never mock a lady who is broke some of them have refused to sleep with men for money or promotions.

3. Men are the prize. Ladies are the price. Note the difference. She is the price that nature compensates you for being the prize.

4. Love your woman. Invest in her. Take her for vacation once in a while. Teach her how to invest and even trade. Do not be misled by online bloggers that women are not for keeps.

5.Do not wear out. Do not rust or just sit in the house. Men are field marshalls. Go out and work. Work hard. Build. Create. Produce and be a great man.

6.Just a reminder,ignore the abrasive and loud women. Do not argue with her online or offline. Focus on your purpose and mission.

7. If she has the annoying behavior of secretly perusing through your phone,wallet,receipts,emails,closet,computer files or bank slips she will leak your secrets and use them to finish you.

8. There are two types of women;

1." I want to give that man, babies".

2."I want that man to make me pregnant".

Pick the first one she is a keeper. The second one is operating on a solipsistic mantra of 'good genes vs good dad'.

Hope you have gained something. Thank you for following and sharing this article with your spouse,brother,sister to keep them alert.

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