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How To Win a Girl You've Met On Social Media.

Thanks to social media, nowadays it's easier for one to get his/her true love in any part of the world.

Social media brings people of different races together despite their country's geographical position.

Finding love there might be difficult because at times you only chat with someone who you've seen his/her photos.

The following are some of the ways that can help you with the heart of a woman you met on social media.

Your Profile.

1. Make sure that you are using the correct profile picture most preferably your face.

2. Use your correct real name.

3. On your profile you can add some information about yourself to give a short understanding of example location, studies, employment and marrital status.

Expressing Yourself.

1.Introduce yourself correctly and try to be friends with your crush.

N/B If she shows a sign of being reluctant don't force conversation.

2. Be frank and open, just go straight to your intentions and avoid beating around the bush.

3. NEVER ask for "photos" to be sent to you. This might be very uncomfortable with your new catch.

4. Respect her decision, if she says yes then go ahead and no for a no.

If you two agree to meet, open places such as restaurants and hotels are the place for that. However, this must be done after you have gathered great information between the two of you.

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