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"Some Cultural Practices Will Ruin Marriages", Benjamin Zulu Advices

Benjamin Zulu advices couples that set new rules to follow when get married. Not to carry forward your parent's cultural practices. Of course we are formed due to our cultures that are endangering our marriages. Some family cultures when you marry is like you are an adapted son not a son in-law. The highest social class family more powerful controlling your business.

Always wants to know how you are relating with their daughter. The father in-law is unquestionable can authorize her daughter anytime. To report home with immediate effect without your consent. Stay far build friendship without obligation so that you can interact with no problems. There are some cultures very disturbing and others respect your boundaries. Marriage is an institution where you have to unlearn very new things.

Never marry a girl who has not separated herself from family members. Who can't make her own decisions without needing parent's approval. Men if you have not separated yourself from your parents. You are not yet qualified to be somebody's husband. Remember you have a covenant with their daughter not the family at large. Keep the boundaries, have courtesy but not become familiar with them. Don't interact too much you might blunder to correct it might become a nightmare. It can strain the fragile relationship connection.

Their daughter will have to remain their daughter is their blood. And you will not be their blood let your wife be your first priority knows how to deal with them. Avoid your father in-law employing you in his company and being your boss. Situations can fix you and it is good to be assisted. But try as much as possible to start small. To live within your means to have peace of your mind. Don't depend on high life of your wife's family. Benjamin Zulu said that when you marry and they give you a car or let them release you with no strings attached.

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