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"Love Is Like A Comfy Bed Of Roses," Three Things You Should Do To Make A Woman Love You Forever

Love is like a sweet comfy bed of roses that everyone wants to lie on and spend the rest of their lives with the most preferred people. It can only be comfortable when you're with the perfect match, someone who reciprocates the same energy. However, with the current generation this just seems to be a dream that maybe will never come true. Several incidences about people murdering their lovers have made many youngsters think that true love doesn't exist. The way you treat your partner especially the ladies speaks a lot about the future. 

Women are the major victims of Gender Based Violence that's being witnessed every now and then. Therefore it's important for every man to understand that there are things you should do to make a woman love you forever without having any doubts. The following are things you should do to prove a genuine love for her. 

1. Accepting her flaws. 

No one is perfect as we all make errors, unexpected mistakes and sometimes you may find someone's actions unattractive to you. This is a product of nature which we can't do away with instead should be developed to become strengths. Ladies have their own weaknesses that need to be improved rather than being criticized and belittled. Thus be that one guy who doesn't take advantage of his woman's weak sides to make her feel underrated. 

2. Supporting dreams. 

In the current era women gender equality is one of the most emphasized issues that are focusing on making sure females are empowered like men. Therefore this has given them an opportunity to be ambitious, have goals and dreams to achieve in future. Such women aim at being independent financially so they also need your support and encouragement. This gives them confidence and motivation to continue pushing on to the foreseeable brighter tommorow. 

3. Avoid violence. 

An immature man is always overreacting to issues and misunderstandings by hitting women. This kind of torture subjects her to trauma, emotional abuse and physical fragility. It hurts much when you're battered by a guy as if you're his little girl. Actually it sounds extremely heartless. No matter the level of offense, just remain calm sort out the issues peacefully and ensure peace prevails. Ladies love being around such men and have no worries about their security. 

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