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True Love Of Cars: A man leaves many In Buzz After Being Buried In His Car

Death is compulsory for everyone. At one point, we will all die no matter the case. Nevertheless, before dying, we have that thing that we love most. Something that we cherish with our heart. Some people love their wife, others love their land while others love their cars. When we die, we will definitely make a wish by writing a will on what will be done when we are gone.

A man has left netizens in buzz after being buried inside his car. In a post by Sikika road Safety platform, a platform which gives information about road usage in Kenya, netizens have been asked to give out their views.

Car lovers are many in the world and he is just among the few. His heroic act of being buried in his car has left many in buzz. What is your take on this love for cars?

Share your view and comments, give us your opinion as a car lover if you are one.

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Kenya Sikika True Love Of Cars


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