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Lulu Hassan’s Rare Post About Marriage Sparks Reactions Online

Citizen TV Kiswahili news presenter Lulu Hassan has sparked reactions among her Instagram followers after sharing an cryptic message on marriage. Taking to her page, the celebrated media personality stated that getting married is more less same as begging someone to come and help you spend your money. 

She then went on to boldly call children as their mother's friends, whose main aim is to milk dry man's hard earned money. At the end, she posted 'where is the lie?', a hint she is in agreement with the argument. 

This post is open to different interpretations, one of them is that wives are mainly there to be fed, and not to contribute to the development of the family, an argument which does not depict the reality of the ground. Nowadays, many women work for their bills, some to the extent of educating their children. 

Contrary to the statement that women and their children are more likely to drain man's wealth, some homes have been raised by the efforts of women.

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Kiswahili Lulu Hassan


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