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Husband and wife relationship

Dear Ladies here are the 15 Biblical secrets on how to keep your man.

Everyone desire to lead a successful marriage. Marriage failure is not found in anyone's diaries. We need to be loved and flourish in love.

Ladies here I share with you some secrets on how you can keep your husband.

1. Never raise your voice for any reason to your husband. It's a sign of disrespect. (Prov 15.1)

2. DON'T expose your husband's weaknesses to your family and friends it will bounce back at you. Learn how to solve internally without exposure. You're each Other's keeper. (Ephesians 5:12)

3. Never ill treat your husband's friends because you don't like them. The person who's supposed to get rid of them is your husband. (Proverbs 11:22)

4. Never use your attitudes and moods to communicate to your husband. You don't know how he will interpret them. Defensive women never lead a happy home.(15:13)

5. Never forget that your husband married you, not anyone else ..Not even your maid. Do your duties. (Gen 2:24)

6. Never assign anyone to give attention to your husband. People may do everything else but your husband is your own responsibility. (Eph.5:33)

7. Never blame your husband if he comes back home empty handed. Rather encourage him. ( Deut. 3:28)

8. Never shout or challenge your husband in full view of your children. Wise women don't do that. (Ephesians 4:31)

9. Never forget to check out the smartness of your husband before he checks out. (Prov. 11:4)

10. A lazy wife is a careless wife. She doesn't even know that her body needs a bath. ( prov 24:27/ prov 20:13.)

11. Make a glass of water the very first welcome to your husband and everyone entering your home. Sweetness of attitude is a true beauty. (Prov. 31;11)

12. Don't associate with women who have a wrong attitude about marriage. (prov 22:14)

13. Marriage is as valuable to you as of the value you give it. Recklessnes is unacceptable. ( Hebr 13:4)

14. Never be too demanding to your husband enjoy every moment, resource as it comes. ( Luke 11:3)

15. A prayerful wife is a better equiped tool. Always pray for your husband and family. ( 1 Thess 5:17)

If you keep these secrets, you'll lead a happy home.

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