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Signs You Have an Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage refers to Everyone have unresolved childhood issues that we carry around from time to time. This can manifest differently with our unique childhood past.Some of us carry 2 suitcases guilt while some carry one on of us. Carrying emotional buggage from previous relationship is normal but carrying too much emotional baggage can hinder us from experiencing freedom, intimacy and growth.

Emotional baggage teaches us how to cope with pain and rejection. Helps us learn more about what we want individually and out of life as a whole. We also learn how to manage our expectations in relationships and life.

Below are signs of emotional baggage :

1. Emotional distancey - it's the inability of an individual to completely engage with their own feelings or the feelings of others.

2.Comparison-This refers to comparing one individual with another one. Everyone is unique and and should not be compared to anyone. It hurts to hear someone saying all men are the same, that's not true when and will never be correct.

3.Paranoia-this refers to unrealistic distrust of others or a feeling of being percecuited.

4.Projecction-is a defence mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with different feelings or emotions

5.Serial dating - these refers to being a with a person for a short period before having another different person. The individual is afraid of investing in one individual,, hence cautious of his feelings.

6.Commitment issues-refers to a person who does not want to date seriously, don't want to think about the future, don't want to spend time in the relationship.

Emotional baggage comes in many ways we need to free ourselves in order to have a better and healthier relationships with ourselves. Check out for the next article on ways to deal with emotional baggage

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