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Skin Care

Dear Ladies, Always Wipe Yourself After Peeing To Avoid The Following

While most women know about wiping themselves just after peeing, it is unfortunate that some do not. This is probably due to the fact that these women do not know the risks of not wiping excess urine.

After peeing, there are always some drops of urine that remains. These drops are supposed to be wiped. This is because, a woman's genital area is made up of very sensitive skin. The small drops of urine can wet the area around your genital and cause growth of bacteria. This can lead to infection of the area.

This wiping habit should as well be taught to our girl children. Teenage girl suffer from various infections because they don't know about wiping themselves after peeing.

However, it should also be noted that over wiping is not healthy. Vigorous wiping can leave your genital dry and cause irritation. Note that the area around the genital is the one to be wiped but not the private part itself.

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