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"We Met In ICU And Got Married, He Was The Nurse Of My Sick Child" Couples Narrates

Racheal and Maraga share their story on how they met in Hospital where Racheal had a sick child and was in scheduled to have a heart surgery which took them a month in hospital.

Racheal was not married by then and was really facing challenges of this life raising this sick child all by herself. While in the hospital for such a long period, Maraga was the nurse who used to attend Racheal's child on and of whenever he was on duty.And surprisingly Maraga at one point told Racheal that he would like to adopt this sick child, and to in his mind he thought that the child hand no parents because he had confirmed from the child's file and found out that the next of kin to the child was her grandmother.

As Maraga recalls from the file's information of the child he for sure thought that this child had no parents, and at that moment Racheal was thin in body size nobody could think she was the mother of that five year old girl.

So Maraga requested Racheal's number so that they can keep in touch even once the child is discharged so that he can pursue his mission of adopting the child, not knowing that Racheal was the biological mother.

This story is really touching and at the same time interesting. Catch up with the whole story by clicking on the link below.

Click here to watch the full video of these young couples how they met in hospital and later got married

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