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Causes of mistrust in relationships Causes of mistrust in relationships For the lover birds

Mistrust is a state of loosing confidence in something or a person. Dating is like a bicycle which moves steadily while on motion but falls down when stationary without support.

Relationship is all about sharing something more than a friendship and related to soul as stated in the holy books. It also involves making memories with the person you love by spending bad and all the good times together.

Mistrust issues in relationships emerge due to the following reasons:

1. One partner having too many friends of opposite gender: Too many women hanging out with a man causes discomfort on his woman. He will be suspected of sharing something beyond their friendship including having intimate with them. Same case apply to a woman having so many male friends in the name of 'just friends'. Friends causes deterioration in relationship.

2. Failure to satisfy a partner during an intimate act: Sex is a cooperative act where both partners have to walk in the journey of pleasure. Either, the performance of each partner should be well known by them and any partner who lowers the performance creates suspicion.

3. Too many password in a device: Phone gives a section for privacy. However, if one the partners have all the time in the device and sets the limit of sharing the device with the other yields a cold war. The device should have the password known by both partners but not extending to the third party if a privacy is to be kept.

Trust issues might be challenging especially when it comes to making devotion and developing confidence in your partner. Loyalty is must in lovers but not a request.

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