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Husband and wife relationship

8 Ways How Your Husband Will Change Once You Have Kids

Once a child becomes part of a couple's life, both the husband and the wife undergo some changes for the better. Below are eight ways in which a husband will change once he becomes a father.

1. He becomes more soft-hearted- You will begin to notice how your husband will slowly change from being serious into someone who loves spending time with the child. A child in the house is simply a new toy for him. He will try to be funny to be able to bring a smile on the baby's face.

2. He will still appreciate your body- Women believe that they lose their sexiness once they become pregnant and give birth to a child. However, your husband will still want you and show you love.

3. Men undergo hormonal changes too- Once men becomes fathers, their bodies reduce the production of testosterone and increase the production of hormones such as estrogen and oxytocin which are love hormones.

4. He will have the urge to breastfeed too- Only women are able to breatfeed their child making them have a special bond with their child. This makes husbands jealous of the fact that they are unable to show the special bond.

5. He will be a part of a group of friends that are all new fathers- Being a new father will make him look for people of his class because have something in common. He also starts helping out in household chores.

6. He will start spending more time with you and the child- The husband will want to spend as much time as possible with the child and you. He will sacrifice meeting his friends to get home early and be with his baby.

7. He will be willing to make a lot of sacrifices- The new father will start working for long hours for his family to live comfortably.

8. He will try his best to be the world's best dad- Becoming a father will change his outlook in life. He will be trying his best to be the best father ever.

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