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Signs You Are Afraid Of Intimacy

Have you ever been in a new relationship and felt like exiting for no apparent reason? Those who have the fear of intimacy, tend to avoid getting emotional and vulnerable to their partners. Sometimes, this fear is conscious but most people don't realize they have this problem. These are the signs to help you know.

On one hand, you say you want someone and want to be in a relationship while on the other hand, you are afraid of the commitment and doesn't put in any effort. In addition, being afraid of losing someone is natural as nobody loves grief but the fear of intimacy is not good as it makes people to feel undeserving of love.

Introducing your partner to your family is a big step in a relationship as it shows you are both interested in taking it to the next level. However, if you find yourself hesitant of introducing them you are probably afraid of intimacy.

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