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6 Mistakes that Guys Do When Approaching Girls that Lead to Rejection

Have you been in a situation where you approach a girl and suddenly you get rejected?. if you haven't then try to look at this six most committed mistakes most guys do and they end up being rejected

1.Complementing her

Its first time you are meeting her then you start by telling her how she is beautiful . bro this is a wrong approach as she will see you ad a down status man .you should always avoid unnecessary complements as this will only end up spoiling everything for you

2.buying her drinks

You should at any cost avoid buying a girl drinks when you first meet them . by doing this, they will see you as a down status man and they might end up taking advantage of you .try not to buy anything for her at your very first day

3. Little eye contact

When you meet her first try to make eye contact with her . never try to look aside as this will be sign nervousness .look straight in her her eyes to show your confidence

4. Being a drunken monkey guy

Never in your life try to approach a girl while you are drunk .this will show her that you can't be confidence and will eventually lead to rejection

5.speaking in a low tone

Low tone is a indicator of shyness . if you meet her try to talk in a voice that can be heard .Girls like guys who are confident

6.Not flirting

Flirt with her for sometime before asking for love a fair

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