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Men, paying school fees for your lovers will not kill you.

There's this belief that when a man pays school fees for his lover, she may may end up leaving the man and eloping away when she is employed. This is not always the case. Many lovers end up sticking with the men who enlightened them and offered them opportunities to better lives.

Men, there are multiple benefits of educating your lover. Your social status in the society will definitely be raised as you'll be seen as a responsible man. Chances of your lover leaving you will be next to zero as she will accord you respect and see you as a guy who drove her towards enlightenment. In addition to this, if you were the sole bread winner, your lover will get a nice job after being educated and support your financial needs.

However, before paying school fees for your lover, vet her seriousness towards you and your relationship. If she's serious and can stick to you to the end, don't hesitate paying school fees for her. On the other hand, never pay school fees for a lover who's uncertain with you. She may end up leaving you and that will hurt.

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