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Why Silent treatment is the new end of relationships in the society.

With silence either in friendship, relationship and marriage... Theres always the healthy silence and the unhealthy silence.


1. This comes after a heated argument,always for cooling down or avoiding to say something bad so one has to pull away to avoid saying things that might cause regrets. This type of silence is acceptable in any type of relationship but shouldn't take more than a day because once you get comfortable with the silence you might be unable to reverse the situation and will always happen.

2. This happens mostly when an extrovert and an introvert are in a relationship/so . Introverts mostly take time to get comfortable with speaking because they are mostly silent and the other significant might find it hard to understand the silence and tha comfort. This usually takes time but gets fine with time.

3. This is always with people who use their space to think or handle stress. This type of people should rather just be left alone for a while.

4. Silence to make someone realize they are offending you if you've warned them before.this helps people who carelessly offend you to realize your discomfort and stop.


1. Silence as a form of punishment ..this is always after an argument or misunderstanding then one party uses the silence to make the guilty party suffer their mistake. PS This is the most abusive form of silence

2. Manipulative silence ..this is when the guilty party goes completely silent to avoid apologizing so that the other one can apologize instead. Avoid using this toxic trait to manipulate others.

3. Third party involvement...using third party to communicate like in the instance of a child ''ambia mamako, Leo huku kunakulwa Nini? ,Watu huku hawataongea?..... 

4. Silence as's always so wrong to normalize silence in any type of relationship. If long silences happens more than twice you may never be able to correct.its sad that their are couples that haven't spoken for years and live together. Smile for the public is the worst comfort.

PS. Rember the people you are dating are candidates if they don't qualify drop him/her and continue issuing exams to the next promising candidates.

PPS : Exams are done in the boardroom not the bedroom.

Zip your mouth and your privates 🤐🤐until marriage or assurance ✌️.

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