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Husband and wife relationship

What you may not like when your wife tells you.

Today many things are happening in marriages not like in olden days where ladies highly respected their husbands. These are the things you may not like when your told by your wife.

1:- To abandon your biological parents and your brothers.

When love turn to be abnormal and things are changing with time. Before that you were poor and because today your house is fenced with electric wire and cars are being changed, you may one day hear you wife saying as from today l want you to separate with you're families or else l will leave and go back to our home or l suicide my self in this house.

Remember your parents have suffered for your future and your the only child they can count in their family. Before you found this wife you slept on mat,you could go to school minus food sometimes. And now you have gone to school and you're wife wants to separate you from your biological parents and brother's. What can you do?

2:- when your wife tells you to cook and wash the children while she is watching movies.

We have come to the world where some wives are not showing their husbands the respect they deserve.

Perhaps you were working before and one day your job runs dry so she is the one feeding the family. Because of that she wants to treat you like house help. Any wife who is doing this your cursing yourself. Tell him you were not purchased front the market but you worth a value to his family. By showing him respect and love to him.

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