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6 Red Flags To Look At And Know You Are Dating The Wrong Person

Dating is a common term especially in our present times. We have heard of many people talking of dating and we have also seen many that are close to us or even friends dating, or we personally have dated.

What exactly is dating then? A simple definition of dating is simply seeing someone and getting to know them so that the relationship may be established and lead to something called marriage.

Dating is never for fun but with an intention of leading to marriage. There are many do's and don'ts when it comes to dating which we will talk about some other time. In today's article we are going to at some of the red flags to look at especially during the dating stage that will show you that you are dating a wrong person;

1. They still remember their ex

This is a very dangerous sign especially when you are dating any man or woman. Relationship experts have said that for one to get over a past relationship especially when the relationship was solid, it takes upto 12 months. During this time, a person does not need to date but heal. Every time you date a person that is still in the healing process, the chances of you being heartbroken are very high especially after the person heals. Let the other person heal first so that they can forget their ex.

2. Not compatible in Religious matters

Going to the same church may not be enough and even being of the same religion may not be enough. Do you share the same theology when it comes to do with religious matters. Does he/she believe in speaking in tongues like you do, does he/she believe in miracles like you do. Incase you believe in this things and the other person does not, it becomes a point of concern and if you don't take care of that, it may ruin the marriage life later of you enter blindly.

3. Promises to change after marriage

Have you noticed some weird behaviors in the life of the person you are dating. Are you okay with that kind of behavior of you feel irritated anytime they portray that behavior? What do they say about it? Are they saying that they will change after the two of you are married? Then that is a red flag. What makes you think the person can change after marriage if they cannot change before that. Anytime you see that, just know you are setting your feet on the wrong waters and you have to be careful.

4. Lack peace within you/ Your intuition

When God wants to send a message to you, it may not be necessarily a loud audible voice. Sometimes it is a still small voice from within you. Sometimes you may just feel in your spirit luck of peace. When God speaks to you, He drops the message in your spirit and suddenly you feel like it is not right. In any relationship, learn to trust your intuition especially if you are the child of God.

5. Lack of support from mentors

Many people have made wrong decisions just because they refused to listen to their mentors advice concerning their relationships. I know there are some who may never want the best of you and might try to ruin your relationship but your mentors are the genuine people around you who wish you the best.

These people can even be your parents and they can tell you that they don't see hope in that relationship. Everytime you see your mentors telling you that you are in the wrong relationship, be careful to listen to them because if they are genuine people they will be honest with you. You should however be careful with those who are fake and just want to destroy your relationship.

6. Mutual attraction

Are you mutually attracted to that person. There are some cultures that don't consider beauty as an ingredient for a Perfect relationship but that doesn't mean it is not important. As much as this is not the main ingredient, sometimes attraction will help sustain and seal the relationship.

Hope you have learnt something from this article when it comes to dating. Can you think of other red flags that will tell you you are dating the wrong person? Share with us what you have on the comment section below. Also don't forget to like and also share this article.

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