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Dating Romantic

Reasons why she left you.

Love is a verb and we need to do anything it takes to sustain it.I am sure most of us have been avictim or have dated before. For sure being in a relationship you pass through alot.No relationship is perfect you take your pill and die with it.

Today am going to highlight some common reasons why people fall out of love and some good advice to help you get ahappy ending.

1.Feeling unappreciated.

No one wants to feel unappreciated at any given time.we all deserve that good compliments from our patners.Relationship have rhythm, sometimes it will be at the top of the priority list and sometimes down but what we need to do atleast acknowledge your partner ,say thank you,take her out and kiss her slowly.

2. No mutual bond connection.

Its means that the friendship you had before has gone.Connecting emotional sustain along lasting relationship.Have some talk with your partner ,call her,take her out and do some bonding activities like swimming even bathing together.

3 .loss of physical intimacy. 

Physical intimacy is the foundation of any relationship ,it ranges from affectionate touch;touching her back as you walk, playing with her hair/nails etc.

Note: science says that anything skin to skin releases bonding chemicals in your brain.just notice the small things and inform them.

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