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"Sherlyne Spotted With A Mzungu Boyfriend" Weeks After Relocating To America, Netizens React

A week has not passed since the two made their break up official. They broke up since Sherlyne got a visa and relocated to USA.

Earlier today, Sherlyne was spotted with her new American boyfriend and netizens were quick to react and sympathize with Obinna .

Sherlyne in a post after their break up was made official, she commented saying how sad she was that her relationship with Obinna had to end that way. It is questionable if her comments were sincere, since her statement and her actions are two different things.

Why should she move on that fast? What did we miss?

Netizens were concerned and were sorry for Obinna and 2ondered how he is going to react or feel about the story.

Matters of the heart are super difficult, we really hope Obinna Is doing okay wherever he is.

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