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The Mistake People Make When Getting Into A Relationship And How Deal With It Before It Blows Up

Relationships nowadays have become a tough thing for most people. This must be brought about by the fact that people hide their true side of themselves. One thing I have always believed in is being your true self when dating or pursuing someone. 

At times you may find yourself hiding some parts of yourself and even carrying a heavy burden. This might be brought about by the problems we face or even your past relationship experience with your ex. Even if you're in your new relationship this can be tempting. You might be trying to be cooler or doing good than you really are. 

You don't have to do this to yourself. It is not only for your personal sanity, but also because of the respect to the person you're dating. Your lover deserves to know you as a person in your truest form. There should be no lies or guilt. Whether it's your hobbies, your foods and likes be real.

You relationship with yourself and your own life is as important as the relationship with your partner. Being far away from your lover will probably make you constantly think about them, no matter the people you are with and place you are at. You might even begin to lose your friends because they will complain that you never give them time. 

This will probably disrupt your life and interfere with your lifestyle. Love is not only about obsessing over your partner in everything. Love is about having control over your own life first and realizing that the other person makes it better. Your day should not just be hanging on that one text or call from your partner. 

Remember you are looking for a companion to supplement your needs, not a person to help you in everything. The moment your lies and the fake life you're living breaks out, the person will automatically leave you. Do not fake it. (OPINION)

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