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Questions Which Make Most Men Rejected By Women.

There are some questions men ask which totally pisses off a lady. You as a man you should know what type of questions you should ask her and during what time. Having that in mind will be of great help before even we can start discussing our main topic. So lets look on some of the questions that turns off most ladies.

How old are you? This is a question which most ladies hate to be asked. I don't know why they hate such questions. If you have a good reason, you can comment on the commenting section. Because you want to make her love you, it's good to avoid such a question. Provided she has given you time to talk to her, try as much as possible to win her. Only do so if she posses the traits you are looking for in a woman.

Can we kiss? Avoid asking such a question. It truly sounds weird in some way. How can you just ask a lady for a kiss? Kissing is something that happens naturally depending with the emotions you have for each other. If she loves you, she wouldn't mind kissing you. You may want to kiss her but you are afraid of the outcome. If you have such a feeling, it's advisable to stop making any move since it can make you regret later.

How much is your outfit? It may sound like you care but such questions make women view you as an ignorant person. Never ask a girl about the price of her outfits if you have never bought her one. Complementing her is just enough. Most women fear answering this question because most of their outfits i think they are somehow cheap compared to men's outfit.

Would you mind coming at my place? She may be interested but the fact she doesn't want look desparate she will reject your proposal. When you want her to come at your place, just make it open. Avoid beating around the bush instead hit the nail on the head. There are some nice ways you can ask her to come to your place. Continue following if you want her to come at your place without using too much effort. See you soon and i hope this article will be helpful to most of you out there.

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