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Little things you didn't know matters a lot in a relationship

When everyone one enters into a relationship with someone they love , have hope that things will go on very well and smooth. One hopes that will progress forward step by step to a successful marriage. However, for so many people things go bad for them leading to termination of the relationship. The problem sometimes is both of you how you behave in the relationship. The little things you do to each other matters a lot. It don't have to be expensive thing like Gucci, cars , vacations etc . Here are the little things that you can do and help your relationship a lot :

1. Surprise one another with small gifts

Gifts like a chocolate bar,a watch or any other small gift will do a lot. It shows one other that you care and always think one another all the time.They are also tangible evidence of love and care.

2. Appreciate one another in each and every thing you do

Some people lose morale in a relationship due to lack of feeling appreciated. Whenever your partner achieve a breakthrough goal always make him/ her motivated to go out there and get some more because someone has his / her back.

3.Always use polite language and avoid cursing slur when talking to your partner.

When you always throw insults at your partner can be a heartbreaking turn off to your partner. He / she will avoid interacting with you more regularly like it should be. These can also be termed as disrespectful to your partner.

4. Stop talking negatively about you partner to your friends.

You should always strive to give positive information about your partner. Though he / she is not listening is still a bad behaviour. Other people may view him/ her as bad person and also give people a chance to talk badly behind your backs

5. Text or call your partner regularly to see whether he / she is okay

It may sound stupid but helps a great deal. Although you should not be clingy a lot and call so many times but twice during the day is enough. It makes you partner feel like you are placing him / her as a priority in your life

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