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The risk of many young people face as they engage themselves with married and older sponsors

1.Does an age difference impact relationship?

Consenting romantic relationships come in all shapes and sizes. However when it comes to age difference between two people, report show that most couples are born within three years of each other. This is likely because we meets our partners in places like school or entry-level jobs where everyone is the same age.Couples with age gap between approximately 5-15 years are estimated to make up 8.5% of American population. An older man with a young woman is a common scenario. The challenge for age gap relationship are external, based on how other perceive them and internal,as individuals deal with different life styles.

The influence of society on age gap relationships.

Many people disapprove of these relationships from a moral standpoint and other fundamentaly don't belielve that they'll be successful. Moreso when it comes to couples with an older woman and young man.In heterosexual couples can suffer from name-calling in both directions "gold digger" when the woman is younger and "cougar" when they are younger. An age gap relationship will fail if they are marginalized by their family and friend.

Dealing with different life styles.

Between the two partners in an age gap relationship, there can be friction based on power imbalances and clashing personal value like older partner might have traditional beliefs about relationships while the younger has more progressive ones.

An issue that can arise however, is when one partner is ready for children while the other wants to wait.

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