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Husband and wife relationship

Mistakes People Do when Getting Married.

Getting Married is one of the steps one should go through to have their family. Marriage is a decision one can take after analyzing themselves that they are now ready to go for it .But when getting married, there is something that should be put in order , and it involves agreeing with the partner who is ready to move in with you. In most cases, people end up not liking their marriage because there are some things which they did wrongly. Before marriage, always make sure you plan and assure yourself that you can now do it.

The following are some of the mistakes people make when getting married;

Not asking enough questions.

Before getting married , always make sure you ask all the questions you have and agree with your partner on that. Ask question concerning responsibilities, parenting ,house chores and other things which you need to know. Also ask and know how long your partner will be loving you because ,some stop showing love after marriage. Asking questions will make you feel comfortable in that relationship and during marriage. Never rush into marriage when you still have doubts . Clear your doubts first then go ahead with it.

Not knowing yourself well.

When getting married , you should know yourself and what you really want in marriage. Know your behaviors, and change the ones which you feel are not good in marriage.some do pretend to hide the behaviors ,not knowing that one day they will start being real . Always be yourself and know yourself better where by, you know you can handle something in person and not as anyone else. Knowing yourself can help you handle things with intelligence in marriage .

Getting Married for the wrong reasons.

Getting Married with the right person is always sweet and it's what every person wants in life. Marriage is not something you should force to do but it's something you need to think about it , plan and decide . There are some people who get in marriage because of some reasons, but not that they are ready for it. Therefore, there are some wrong reasons that make people get married and they include:

(i)getting pressure from friends

You can get married just because your friends are married and you feel you are left behind. So, you end up marrying without having plans of marriage. This will cost you later because you were not ready for it.

(ii)Desire for kids

Having kids is very nice in life and people always wish their kids to have both parents. Due to this reason they will end up getting Married because they want their kids to have both parents. The marriage may fail to work because, they had not planned to have a nice stay but have kids.

(iii)Failing relationships

When you go through many relationships and they keep on failing , you will decide to get married to the person you get next because of the fear of failing relationships.

When facing challenges

A person facing difficult situations in life like stress and lack of company ,might make the person to get Married. The person feels like getting married will make him or her get the person to give them company and once they get company the stress will be over.

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