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Three reasons why your relationship might not be working out.

Starting up and running a relationship may be very difficult when barriers are hindering the growth of the relationship. Some of these barriers are beyond our control and we have to cope with them to make the relationship work while others can be altered for the best, these barriers are what makes most relationships fail.

1. You might be forcing issues.

Some relationships were not meant to be. You might be trying hard to make it work out but it is not going your way, sometimes the best thing to do is to let go. But before letting it go, you should keenly think about it to avoid making wrong decisions.

2. You might be in the wrong relationship.

You might be trying to make things work with the wrong partner, at the wrong time, or in the wrong environment. This can also make a relationship fail, before getting into a relationship you should try to inquire more about your partner in a bid to know if he is the right one for you, or you are in a wrong relationship.

3. You might be trying a novel/soap kind of relationship.

This mostly occurs in ladies. Most ladies are addicted to soaps and novels and they would want their partners to treat them as those novel characters treat their wives/girlfriends, this is not possible because we are in reality while the novel is a work of fiction.

4. You are coming with high expectations.

One of the partners might be getting into a relationship with high expectations because can several reasons. Once you are in a relationship, you should lower your expectations. Expect less than you were promised before the relationship to stay happy in the relationship. Before getting into a relationship, you will be promised heaven and earth but once you are inside the relationship, you will meet a different situation.

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