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2 Biblical Things a Woman Should Do When She Likes a Man

Here are two Biblical things a woman should do when she is romantically Interested in a man.

1. Pray For Him

Just Because this first point seems so obvious and generic it should not be so quickly overlooked. Praying for the man that you like not only provides God the opportunity to speak to you about this man. But it also puts you in the right frame of mind for whatever happens next.

In other words praying for this man that you have feelings for, is actually a way to protect your own heart. Rather than wanting this man at any cost, through your prayers you will have the motive of only wanting to be with him if it would be good for him, good for you and Glorifying God.

By Praying for him you are also Preparing your heart to submit to God's will rather than trying to force your own will upon God.

When you are familiar with the voice of God because you are Spending time in prayer, you will be able to decipher in real time when you are just hearing your own feelings, when you are being tempted by Satan, or when are truly hearing from God.

2. Respond To Him

Most Christian women have been taught that it is the man's job to pursue the woman. I think this is right while the Bible never says this directly. It is a good application of other Biblical principles. Christian women forget that they need to respond in a clear way once the man does pursue. Some women get pursued but they do not respond in a clear way for a man to Understand.

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