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Husband and wife relationship

Finally Somebody Understood Women. This Gender Is Difficult

Even Jesus avoided women in his team of twelve. It is the fact that might make many stone me. Saying men and women are dramatically different is understatement. Saying that the emotional brain of a woman rules over her logical brain is a conclusion arrived at by many scholars.

Women are geberally difficult, you are not alone. Even many women find it easier to deal with men. So many women have suffered under a female boss. But we can't afford to stereotype an entire gender. And we cannot afford this life without women. The world would literally come to an end without women. There is no order or life without women for most homes.

Women are beautiful flowers. They give life a soft touch of love. Women are more realistic and resilient.

On a daily basis, when you wake up in the morning, show some love to your wife, peck her all over, ask her how her night was as your eyes lock and wait for her response. Send her love texts every day. Appreciate the support she gives you at home and in the market place. Appreciate her before your kids and those around you. Compliment her beauty and dressing. Support her weekly beauty rituals- especially nails and hair.

Go out for coffee at least once a week, dinner out at least once in a week. And this is besides family dinner out with kids. Surprise her wirh a gift every month. At times very 'small' gifts like an earing. Plan your money together-every coin you earn. Let her know at any given moment where you are. Share your passwords for all your gadgets. And atleasr thrice a year, go out of town for vacation.

Wisdom is knowing that you can't change your wife. You can only change yourself. It's utter waste of time trying to fix her. When you work on yourself, you'll by default work on your wife or change your perception on your wife. We see what we look for. Be a good finder. Don't lookk for your faults. We all have faults. The more you focus on your strengths, the more you'll see them. Whatever we focus on expands.

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