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Do These 3 Things If You Think Your Boyfriend Is Abusing You

Dealing with A Relationship Abuse

Being abused is not always your fault, but its responsibilities lie with the committer. You deserve to be treated with a lot of kindness and dignity. But once an abuse comes your way, you can do either of the following;

1.Report to the relevant authorities

If you are experiencing or think you may be experiencing abuse in your relationship, relevant authorities deal with Gender-BasedViolent Issues. Contact them, and they will help in handling your issues via their advocates.

2.Share with some of your trustees

When you suspect that your boyfriend is abusing you, share the same with a person you trust. The person can be your parent, pastor, counselor, or friend you trust. Choose a person you think will listen to your problem without prejudging you and helps you out of it.

Moving out of an abusive relationship has seemed to be dangerous nowadays. Therefore, you need someone who would support you and guide you appropriately on what you should do. Do not shy off from seeking help; the few who will understand you will surely help you.

3.Move to a safe place

Once you start feeling insecure, unsafe and threatened by your boyfriend's actions, consider moving to a more safe location. That could be to your family, a friend, a relative, or a domestic violence agency in your locality. You can also report the matter to the police, for you can't be glued to such a situation.

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