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How to stop overthinking (5 simple fixes).

How to stop overthinking (5 simple fixes).

Hello guys, we are back again and today we are teaching you something on, how to stop overthinking on an issue.

Overthinking is something natural and everyone overthink at some time because that is what life teaches us to.

So if you have tried and you don't know what to do tos stop overthinking about an issue or a situation, this article is for you.

What you don't know is that, it is something that reduces your confidence and if you are not careful, high chances are, you won't be able to stand for yourself.

That is why you have to get it under control before it gets worse than you expect. In that case, here are five fixes you can put to it to make it obey you.

1. Set a timer.

Let's say you started thinking about something and you really can't seem to put a conclusion to whatever it is, you can set a timer.

Sit back and set a timer for it. When the timer rings, you need to put an end to the thinking and focus on something else.

So this is what to do, find a piece of paper and write whatever it is you were thinking about, and make sure you never think about it anymore.

By doing that, you will have made a decision of not thinking about it anymore. Make it part of your daily skills and watch your life change with time.

2. Breath deeply.

Another technique you can employ in your daily skills is to start breathing deeply. What happens when you overthink is, your breathing technique slows down.

And you start making shallow breaths, so the best thing to do is to breath deeply and refresh your thinking ability.

See, overthinking is an enemy of deep breathing, the moment you start taking deep breath, is the time, you take things easy.

As a result you put a decision whatever you were thinking, just so easy. So whenever you start overthinking, make sure to take deep breaths and see the difference.

3. Create Space.

What we mean is simple, when you start overthinking, your mind becomes so engaged and you tend to avoid being attentive on other things.

So by creating space for yourself, you simply boost your mind to think other things and leave whatever it is alone.

To create Space for yourself, you need to take part in an unplanned activity such as, a nature walk.

Take a nature walk even if you need to do it alone, just make sure you take a walk. This will relieve you and make you feel better.

4. Change the goal.

Let's say you were thinking about something like taking a girl out, who you are so much attached to, what you can do is to change the goal.

By this, we mean, you need to play with the date, let's say you had agreed that it will be on 25th for example, you can make it a day before or after.

This makes you reframe your mind and motivates you to be more confident and focused.

5. Rubber band technique.

This one is the most effective of them all. I know you don't get to understand about it but let's explain a little bit.

You all have seen a rubber band right? So to this technique, this is what you are supposed to do, simply tie the rubber band on your wrist.

Then whenever you start overthinking, you simply pull it and let it slap your skin. As a result, it will awaken your mind and you start thinking again in a better way.

That is all you need to do to avoid overthinking. Overthinking can simply make you lose focus on your goals and that is why you have to control it.

We would like to wrap the article at this point. If the article came out to be useful, remember to follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by.

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