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"Kajala Alichezwa" Netizens React To Harmonize Changing Kajala's Initial Tattoo To Kondegang

Well, when it comes to love, I guess getting tattoos of your partners name should not be a priority in the relationship especially during the honey moon phase when the relationship is at a whirlwind of overflowing joy and affection.

Actress Fridah Masanja Kajala and Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize earlier got tattoos of each other's mames initials on the back of their necks. Harmonize got a K for Kajala's name while Kajala got a H for Harmonize name to symbolize their love to the world.

Some adored their move of getting each other's initials while some condemned it.

Well, they recently had a messy break up. Where would the permanent marks go to? Smart Harmonize recently edited the K to Kondegang. What will Kajala do with Harmonize's name initials on her neck?

Netizens feel Kajala has been played on her own game.

Please suggest on the comments section below what Kajala can edit with the letter H on her neck.

See the reactions from Netizens below,

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