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Proofs That you Have a Crush on Someone

Have you ever met someone that you were attracted to? How did you react when you did? It is normal to feel attracted to a certain person even if you do not know them well. That person is most probably your crush.

Here are the reasons why you could have a crush on that particular person.

If you love spending time with that person. When you have a crush on someone, you will not be happy when you spend a lot of time far from him/her. You will always hate when they have to leave.

Feeling shy in their presence. When you are close to a person that you like so much, you will most probably be feeling shy and nervous. It may even be difficult to speak sometime or to look them directly in the eyes.

Love to impress them. You will find yourself wanting to impress that person by dressing very nice and attractive outfits. You may even decide to buy them small gifts so as to make that person happy. It is normal to find yourself doing several sexy things in their presence just to make sure that you attract their attention and impress them.

Value their thoughts. Did you know that as human beings, we tend to pay attention to the remarks of certain people and ignore those given by the people we do not value or care about. You will find yourself caring so much about something that your crush says and begin to think about their point of view.

So, what are you waiting for? Let that person know that you are having a crush on them. If you are lucky enough, you might just end up dating. Good luck.

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