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7 simple things a couple can do together in a weekend after a busy week.

After a busy week of working or studying it's obvious as a couple you have not been showing full attention to your partner. You can do these simple things on a weekend to rekindle your love and have fun together.

1 A shower.

A couple having a shower together is a beautiful thing. Both of you will feel so fresh and cool after a shower and this is a perfect moment to tease your lover and make them feel so happy and special to you.

2 Cook a breakfast.

Cooking a meal together as a couple comes with a lot of fun. You can cook your favourite breakfasts as you share with your lover how your week was and your plans for next week and you will feel so close with your partner and relieved from stress.

3 Take a Walk.

You can wear simple matching outfits to look like a power couple and for people to admire your relationship as you walk admiring the nature. In a walk you will have time to talk about yourselves and family.

4 Shopping.

Doing shopping on a weekend is so much fun. You can choose a shopping area of your choice where you'll buy household items and also gifts and small surprises for your partner to feel loved after a busy week.

5 Movies.

Watch romance movies together and find out what you have been missing as a result of a busy week and cuddle with your partner. This will make you feel so close and loved by your partner.

6 Cleaning your house.

Choose to clean your house together and organise it to look fresh and clean. This will come with fun as this moment comes with a lot of child plays and teasing each other.

7 Take a nap.

After a busy week you're tired and a nap is a therapy you both need to refresh your mind as you hold your partner to sleep. A sleeping couple looks so beautiful.

These simple things will make you feel so good and in love.

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