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10 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Sometimes it is hard to know when the relationship is over or the relationship won't make it. Sometimes when you are in relationship you start drifting apart without knowing and later you fall out of love. Here are signs that may confirm that your relationship is over.

1. Their presence drain you

you don't enjoy spending time with them and their presence doesn't excite you rather it drains you emotionally and physically. When you don't want to spend time with you partner it means that the relationship will not make it, For a relationship to flourish the partners need to spend time together even if it is not going to get to know each other.

2. You don't miss them when your are apart

You may find yourself not missing your partner when they are away and sometimes you want them to spend more away from you. Most of the time you don't feel that urge to call them and when you do so it is out of necessity therefore, this indicate that there is no spark in the relationship that you once had and shared each other.

3. You avoid each other

you are constantly avoiding your partner and you don't like their presence even of they have done nothing to you. Sometimes you emotionally don't want them to be near you and best way to do that is to avoid them ,some people may avoid you because they don't know how to end the relationship.

4. Fight constantly

you are always at each other throat and you don't agree at anything ,when you notice that your are always fighting as a couple it just mean that you don't respect each other opinions and the relationship maybe coming to an end. Fighting is going to cause negativity in the relationship and the couple would prefer avoid each other rather than fighting.

5. You want different things

wanting different things in a relationship is not a bad thing and we cannot be the same and sometimes we may compromise as couple for that sake of our difference. But there are some difference that we cannot get past them like ,one Partner wants to have children while the other doesn't or have different perspective about the religion.

6. There is resentment

This may be caused if one partner promised something and has failed to delivered for example, if you partner promised that if you quit your job and look after the baby there are going to provide everything and has failed to do so , you are going to bitter and angry with them because you let go for something you cherished and no promise has been fulfilled.

7. You can't imagine a future together

when you are thinking you future you cannot see them in your future. Even when your are making future plans you don't include them or see them as a part of it, and most of the time you want but you can't.

8. You daydream about being single.

You often see yourself leaving a single life without care ,you dream of being single how life would be beautiful for you and you will not worry about ignoring your partner. Sometimes you even fail to mention your relationship status because your are not happy being in a relationship.

9. You are not supporting each other

You don't support your partners dream and if you is just for the show or you think it is necessary but deep down you don't care of what they you do. Sometimes you don't share with them your success because you they are not going to support you like you will want them to do.

10. You treat each other poorly

you don't like your partner and you tend to treat them poorly so that they can end the relationship because you cannot do it. If you notice that you are treating each other poorly then that means that your relationship is not going to make it because one of is going to give up on the relationship.

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