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Biggest relationship threats that can lead to a breakup

No matter how much you feel you love your partner there will always be a fallout between you and your partner. Most of the time it is things that can be talked through but if you don't take your time to address your partner's concerns this can be the beginning of the end of your relationship.

Finances is one of the reasons why partners may decide to call it quits. If you get into a relationship with someone who is not financially responsible can be challenging, especially if your partner doesn't keep a job and are always in debt can greatly affect a relationship.

Tryst is another factor with a potential to break up a relationship. If you can't get to trust your partner for various reasons then your relationship will probably not last longer than you think. You should be able to be at peace when your partner is hanging out with his or her friends even though they are of the opposite sex. If you feel that you have to constantly check on them then there is no trust in the relationship.

Having the ability to count on your partner and rely on them for back up is crucial. Tying out new ways of romance can give stress into your relationship because you expect your partner to do what they have never done before. Over expectations may leave you disappointed when your partner fails to fulfill your desires.

Failure to effectively communicate with your partner . Keeping secrets from your partner and leaving them in the dark by falling to tell them how you feel about the relationship can be a cause of separation. When your partner discovers that you haven't been communicating about certain issues they will feel deceived and it will be hard to trust you

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