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3 Types Of Girlfriends, Which One Are You?

Women have different personalities and this brings different types of girlfriends. It is important to know which type is your girlfriend and know if you are going to keep her or not. As a woman also you should understand which type do you belong to. Below are five types of girlfriends.

1. Classy one

This is the type of girlfriend who lives an expensive life, she likes going out shopping, late dinners and she is always dressed smartly and on point. She needs her presence recognized and if you want to date her you should have money.

2. The psycho

This is type of girlfriend who is always insecure and when you don't reply her texts or not call her, she thinks you might be somebody else. This kind of girlfriend is filled with jealousy, mood swings and she spies on you always.

3. The chilled out one

This type of girlfriend is basically too cool and she will never bother to ask her boyfriend's social media passwords or check out their phone.

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Which One Are You


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