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Here are qualities of a good woman every man should be aware of.

At some point in a relationship, every man asks himself: is this really the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with? Here are some qualities a woman need to posses to make the marriage last longer.


it is interesting that being a kindhearted person makes a woman even more attractive in the eyes of other people. This is a woman who spoils a man with honour and respect because there lies her strength and integrity. She should be a kind of woman who a man can cry on her shoulders and not feel humiliated for doing so nor lose his value.

smart and ambitious.

An intellectually challenging woman has many more advantages over a physically attractive woman. This is a woman who does not just bear babies, but bears ideas and inspiration anytime anywhere. She should not be a kind of woman who looks down upon any man because of his present state of life and financial status, rather she encourages any man to get better.


Empathy and compassion are also crucial values a good woman should posses. This is a type of woman who does not make men feel terrible, but the one any can run to for comfort. She should not be a woman who runs her mouth with sarcasm and insults just to prove a point, rather her words are gracious and can heal a broken heart.

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