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Reasons why your ex keeps coming back to you.

You may think your ex wants you back because they are still in love with you. However, that may not be the reason. If someone was the toxic one in the relationship, their reason for coming back might not be genuine and it is important to think carefully.

Here are some of the reasons why your ex keeps coming back to you

When they fail to be treated like how you treated them

In many relationships one side tends to be providing so much compared to the other. When you ex decides to end the relationship, they probably forgot to consider that you actually provided them with a lot, be it money or affection. Loosing what you provided for them and the fact that they can't find such treatment from anyone else might be the reason they are crawling back to you.

They are in the darkness with guilt

When your ex knows that they really hurt you, they will come back pleading for another chance to try and fix things with you. Not because their feelings are true but because they just want to prove to themselves that they are not as horrible as they felt they were. If you are thinking of having them back remember that guilt is not love and they are more likely to leave once the guilt consciousness is put to rest.

They don't want you to move on

They are afraid you will end up finding a better person than them. They always figure a way to come back to you when you are finally happy and you are starting to fall for someone else. They come back because they are afraid you might move on.

They are single

They might have left you because they had another option but now that they are single again,they want you back so that they are not alone. This might be only temporary before they find another replacement only to leave you heartbroken again.

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