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4 Things You Can Say To Your Patner Instead Of Simply Saying I Love You.

For those of us who have the habit of using this phrase 'I love you' frequently, where it doesn't lose meaning. There's nothing wrong with it but sometimes it'd even much better to mix it up a bit. There are so many words you can use to express how you feel towards your patner. Instead of just saying I love you' out of routine, show your patner that you've made an effort by using some of the things suggested in this article. This could also prove to be stimulating for both of you. Get creative. Come up with something different. Put a smile on their face. Make them listen to what you are saying and make sure they feel it too. Here's a list of some of the things you could use.

1. You're hot.

It'd be a good idea to compliment them as much as possible. Remind your partner that you find them attractive. You're so hot translates to letting them know that they look amazing and you can't seem to take your eyes off them. It's a way of telling them that you admire the way they look and you'll see how their face lights up!

2. You're the only person I'd be willing to put up with every day.

This is probably the most meaningful thing you could ever say to the person you love. We all have those days when you just don't feel like being around anyone. You want to be left alone but make an exception for the one person whose presence doesn't seem to bother you. Assure them that you really want them as much as they want you.

3. My love for you grows with each passing day.

This shows that you've grown to to love some habit of theirs, or the way they talk and so on. So saying this to your patner would show that you acknowledge this fact and also notice it. And remember to say it with vigor as well. Saying something that you actually mean makes everything better and swearing does a great job at that.

4. You can make me love more that anybody else.

Having a clever sense of humor helps in keeping things on the lighter side. Most of the time, people in long term relationships tend to grow out of the habit of mentioning the things they love about their patners. So this would serve as a reminder and you'll begin to notice how they focus on making you laugh more often.

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