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Men do you prefer 'zero grazing' to long distance relationship

It is another precious moment to engage with my audience. Relationship issues are critical and we must just discuss them with courage enough. I am quite sure that all my audience are youths, the youth age range between 18 to 35 years in most of the contries in the world. The topic is hot and i know most of you are more than ready to read this article upto the end and Even go to an extent of commenting and sharing the article.

Most youths nowadays have changed the strategies when it comes to dating. In previous years before the coming of Internet platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram people preferred dating girls who come from far. For example let's say that a man leaves in Nairobi and the girls stays in Nakuru. I think this kind of relationship could give someone a room for self development and even you could have a chance of dating two people at the same. The two guys you are dating will Never meet at anytime.

But nowadays men and women have adopted this dating within a rental where they stay, they don't want to look for someone from far. This the kind of dating am calling zero grazing since you and the person you are dating you live in the same same area.

This kind of dating have caused many problems mostly to men. You find that a man is dating a girl whom they stay with in the same rental and at the same time he has a side chick who maybe stays far. Now the problem arise when your side chick visits you, people may end up fighting for you.

It is a bad picture or how many of you will feel comfortable when ladies fight for him. Though sometimes long distance relationship have some challenges I feel it's the best one. This just my opinion and readers opinions are also valued.

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