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How To Make your Boyfriend Miss you

Ladies when in a relationship don't make a man see you to be so desperate. Make him see that you can do your life without him. Today am going to teach us on simple things to do in order to make your man miss you.

1)Give him space. If you spend most of your time with him it will become a normal thing to him and your presence will be ignored.

2)Stop texting him. Don't reply his chats immediately but wait for some minutes.

3)Dress to kill. Put on your best dress when you are meeting up with him.

4) Show him he is not the only one in your line, have an accidental account with him when you are with your female friend.

5)Leave things accidentally like handkerchief or earrings.

6) Get busy once in a while and go out with your girlfriends.

7) Treat him like a friend.

8)Use social media as your weapon. Keep posting your beautiful pictures.

9) Share your adventures with him.

10)Leave him craving for more.

It is so simple isn't it? Share your ideas. I hope this article educates us women. Share the article to your friends.

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