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"This Nairobi, A man Will Marry You Then Date Their Type" Amberay.

Amberay has again caused stir online, by posting a photo that is deemed or linked to Amira's post showing up a brand new Iphone 13 x Pro, that she was bought by his husband Jimal Rohosafi. Jimal and Amberay parted ways two months ago due to social media pressures and also romours have it that Jimal and Amira's inlaws influenced their break up.

So after Amira had posted the photos, people were eagerly waiting to see Amberay's reaction, and yes she has reacted, but she has reacted indirectly through her latest Instagram post. Amberay has posted a photo and then captioned it that"this Nairobi a man will marry you then date their type". This somehow shows her relationship with Jimal, and if you analyse deeply she is trying to refer to her situation with Amira. Below is the latest post of Amberay.

Here are some of the comments from Instagram netizens.

What are your comments on this?.

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