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Ugly Guy Speaking English could win a girl quicker than a handsome guy speaking sheng, opinion

It is important to understand that your first encounter with a girl could either make it work or fall apart. Here are some reasons why language of choice is important.

English is considered an official and formal language 

English is respected from work places to churches. Good command of the language makes you look official and respectable. Similarly, girls are likely to take you seriously when your first address to them is in proper english.

English makes you stand out, gives you an edge

Good english makes you look properly educated. This makes you stand out from the bunch of men who are after her. Standing out gives you a unique advantage that makes you a better alternative for most ladies. Sheng or slang is a casual form of communication which is used by everyone. You need to find a way to be unique, try doing so by using good english.

Makes you seem dedicated towards winning her

Good english makes you presentable. It is in this way that she considers you respectable and spares her time to listen to you.

Having well a great flow of thoughts will make your efforts a complete success.

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