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Ladies Should Stop Doing These Simple Things When They Reach 30 Years (Opinion)

The following are some of the things that ladies should stop doing at 30 years:

1. Asking for favours from men

This should be one of the most unacceptable character in 30 years ladies. At this point you should not be walking around asking for favours from men. You are energetic and able to work and earn your own money no matter your level of education. Remember there are jobs that don't even require skills. Favours should come from only one person who is your partner of choice.

2. Eating meals in hotels regularly

It is always said that one of the skills that ladies must cultivate in their lifetime is the ability to cook different types of meals. This is because they will one day be required to cook for their husbands and children in future as a wife and/ or as a mother. This is why any lady above 30 years should not be used to eat in hotels even if she lives alone.

3. Regular night parties

Partying with friends is one of the most enjoyable things in the world that most people want because it creates a lot of memories that cannot be erased whatsoever. However, if you reach 30 years you should reduce the number of night parties that you attend. This is because you have to plan for better things that are ahead of you instead of partying regularly. Remember night parties will make you waste a lot of time the next day because you want to have enough time to sleep and relax.

4. Photoshoots

Photoshoots are good because by the end of the session you will be having great images of you that you post on your social media walls. However, this practice is unnecessary for ladies who are 30 years and above because it is a waste of time. Unless you are a celebrity and you want to promote your brand using great looking photos, then do it. If not, then find something profitable to do with your time.

5. Using an old phone

As a lady small things can make you shine and tell people who you are. Such things include mobile phones. Avoid using old mobile phones as they look bad on you. If the phone is old, let it not be faded or having cracks on its screen or housing.

6. Unnecessary relationship

Having different taste of men is only making you look cheap and reduces your value as a woman. However, most men just want to lay you down then leave you even if they give you money. Have you ever thought of given money but infected with deadly diseases like Sexually Transmitted Infections? There is no need of such relationships when you are 30 years. Instead find a loyal partner then settle with him.

7. Indecent dressing

In modern life, fashion and style is a trending subject that no one don't want to be left behind about. These fashions are cool and promotes your image more so when you are in public. But always remember however much you get engaged in style and fashion, you don't expose your body to the people who are not concerned. Therefore, always dress properly every time.

8. Too much time on social media

Being on different social media media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is not bad because it makes people interact easily or one can also promote his or her business using them. However, most ladies waste a lot of time posting on social media without doing anything constructive there. There is no point in becoming an online celebrity without money particularly when you are 30 years and above.

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