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Pregnancy period

Do Men Cheat More During Pregnancy?

Cheating in a relationship is the tendency of one of the partners going behind their significant others back in the quest for romantic relationships with other partners. Cheating is a rampant and widely practised vice dominating every part of our society. In most cases it's usually associated with ladies. Conversely men also do cheat at times on their partners especially when they're pregnant.

On then begs the big question. Why do men cheat on their pregnant spouses? If this question equally bewilders your mind, then this article is meant for you. Let's read further as I explore some of the potential reasons as to why men cheat on their pregnant spouses.

They feel less attended to

As interesting as it may seem, not only babies need to be attended to but also men. The difference only comes in with the type of attention each of them require. Men often feel some lack of attention their significant others bestow in them while they're pregnant. Women at this point, will drive all the attention to their unborn child hence less likely attending to their man.

This void created by suppressed attention to the man may hurt his ego hence he may feel left in the dark and rejected. This kind of feeling on a man may make him to justify his acts of looking for a lady elsewhere who can soften his ego and give him attention. This in the long run leads to cheating.

Deprivation from "making love"

The lady will loose the desire of making love to his significant other particularly during the last trimester if his pregnancy. This isn't her doing but it's necessitated by the biological changes in her body.

In other scenerios, doctors usually advise ladies to desist from extreme physical activities like making love as it may pose unwanted effects to the baby.

On the flip side, unfortunately some men can't put their desires of being intimate in control. They'll therefore sought for random partners to satisfy their desires.

They aren't prepared for fatherhood

Interestingly, some of his cheating behaviours when you're pregnant are simply because he isn't ready to be a father. He hasn't gotten it in his noggin that he's soon becoming a dad, he's still undecided on the fatherhood journey or he's simply confused.

Due to this, he will engage in rampant cheating so as to get justifications for walking out of the relationship since he isn't ready to bear the responsibility that comes with fatherhood.

The mood swings get out of hand

Change in moods from extreme happiness to sudden sadness are quite common with pregnant ladies. This is attributed by their pregnant nature. For example, sometimes their appetite may call for a certain meal only to run out of appetite in the last minute. They may also feel happy for a moment only to feel emotional in the preceding moments.

The mood swings prove unbearable for men to keep up with. Some of them may feel disgust and would want to walk away at any slight provocation. Some men use this as an excuse for their cheating ways.

Nontheless, they should consider being patient with their spouses since it's not their making with such moods but their body's and it'll come to pass once the pregnancy is gone.

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